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Stock image of christmas tree and stockings in front of fireplace

The National Robotarium uses tech to stop Santa getting stuck up the chimney

Father Christmas has enlisted a new band of helpers this Christmas from the National Robotarium, a partnership between Heriot-Watt University and The University of Edinburgh, and robotics company Cyberselves to avoid any embarrassing chimney-related incidents on Christmas Eve. Robotics experts are not only helping Santa to navigate confined spaces but have also allowed him to […]


ICYMI: #ConversationalAI researcher Angus Addlesee was awarded Best Demo prize at #EACL2024 🏆

The winning paper delves into the #LLM being advanced for #SocialRobots, enabling them to assist patients in hospital memory clinics 🧠


@oliverlemon @hwuhri

LISTEN: CEO Stewart Miller has featured on ReAutomated, a @Universal_Robot podcast 📻

In the ep, Stewart discusses his vision of humans and #robots working together to help #health #industry & the economy 📈

🎧Apple: https://bit.ly/reautomated-apple
🎧Spotify: https://bit.ly/reautomated-spotify

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Oliver Lemon

Academic co-lead at The National Robotarium

Professor Oliver Lemon
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