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NWG Innovation Festival

The National Robotarium hosted a unique robotics-themed design sprint at the Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival, held at Newcastle Racecourse in July 2023. Alongside co-hosts Virgin Media O2 Business, we worked alongside attendees from a wide range of backgrounds to develop new and innovative solutions to challenges facing the water and utilities sectors.


Former ISS astronaut and current CEO of XPRIZE, Anousheh Ansari delivered the keynote address at ‘Robotics Automation and AI – pushing the frontiers of human potential’, a special event held in January 2023. The event, co-hosted by National Robotarium residents Touchlab Ltd., was attended by over 180 academic and industry professionals with many keen to share ideas to develop the use of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence for different industries, including the space sector.


The rECOver group collider event, held in June 2023, brought together scientists, lawyers, sociologists, policymakers and engineers to explore the use of robotics for a more sustainable future. The event brought a unique opportunity to analyse topics, including mineral acquisition and mining, recycling, and the circular economy, from the technological, regulatory and social and economic perspectives.

Recent past events

Tackling Frailty (EMERGENCE Network) – Tuesday 4 June, 1000-1600

Industry representatives from health technology and telecare…

The Children’s Parliament – Exploring Children’s Perspectives of AI, Thurs 6 June, 1200-1400

Researchers, engineers and students working in Artificial Intelligence…

Anthropomorphic to Zoomorphic Social Robots: Our Experiences – Wed 22 May, 1200-1300

Prof. Dr. Patrick C. K. Hung, Faculty of Business and IT, Ontario…

ETAG Tech Tuesday at the National Robotarium – Tuesday 14 May, 12-3pm

The National Robotarium is hosting the second Edinburgh Tourism…

‘AI and Robotics: Transforming society and the workforce’ – Thurs 23 May, 2pm

The National Robotarium is hosting an exclusive screening of…
a young boy with dark brown hair looks over an activity with spherical robot and colourful lego bricks

8 April: Two Truths and a Robot Lie – Edinburgh Science Festival 2024

 Two Truths and a Robot Lie is an exploration into deception,…


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