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Informed by sectoral needs, we work collaboratively with partners around the globe to define, develop and resolve industry challenges through the application of Robotics and AI. Working with the National Robotarium can add value to your company by reducing cost, risk and time-to-market.

We also aim to have a positive impact on the UK economy by supporting start-ups and SMEs from across the UK, and act as a gateway to the UK Robotics sector and Government support.

Robotics for….

Robotics for….Agriculture

Sustainable Arable Farming – Small Robot Company

In spring 2023, the National Robotarium became the first commercial buyers of a Tom v4 robot from the Small Robot Company. Tom v4 is a pioneering autonomous robot that helps farmers better monitor the health status of individual crop plants and reduce herbicide.

In partnership with the James Hutton Institute, Tom will be tested in real crop fields to assess its capabilities for advancing agricultural research and precision breeding.

Grain Storage Management – Crover

Crover, one of our first industry residents, are developing a unique burrowing robot to ‘swim’ through grain and analyse and asses the environmental conditions of grain bulks. Data gathered by the robotic drone can offer arable farmers better insights into moisture and temperature levels, allowing them to make informed decisions that can reduce pest infestation, crop damage and waste.

Robotics for…Health and Social Care


The Laboratory for Robotic Assistive living (LARA), based within our Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) labs, provides a testbed for developing new robotic solutions to support independent living, monitor health status and activities within the home, and augment rehabilitation and exercise. Comprising a purpose-built flat, LARA facilitates the research and creation of smart technology solutions to help improve the physical and mental wellbeing of people with assisted living needs.

Rehabilitation robotics

Within our HRI labs is a range of sophisticated rehabilitative equipment generously donated by international robotic technology company Fourier Intelligence. As part of or MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with them, we are advancing research into the use of robotics and data science for exercise, physiotherapy, assistive living and rehabilitation, reducing NHS patient waiting times and staff workloads.

Robotics for…Offshore Energy


The £1.4m Underwater Intervention for Offshore Renewable Energies (UNITE) project is developing electric remotely operated vehicles (eROVs) to perform maintenance and repair tasks on offshore wind turbines. Delivered in partnership with Fugro, the world’s leading Geo-data specialists, the eROVs aim to dramatically improve health and safety for workers, reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency.


Customised ROVs developed by engineers from the ORCA Hub, a legacy project within the National Robotarium, helped energy giants EDF carry out the first autonomous wind farm foundation inspection at its Blyth Offshore Wind Farm. The trial inspections were undertaken as part of a project to investigate the ability of drone technology to collect high-quality images of offshore turbine technology, ensuring safer and faster operations with a reduced carbon footprint/

Robotics for…Construction

SLAM (Simultaneous localisation and mapping)

During the building of the National Robotarium facility, researchers from our Robotics and Autonomous lab tested the use of robots for efficient 3D mapping of the construction site. By equipping one of our Boston Dynamics’ Spot quadruped with lidar and SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) technology, the robot was able to navigate the hazardous terrain, performing the dual task of 3D mapping and location sensing in a new and complex environment. Rollout of these technologies across the sector could lead to earlier identification of discrepancies, increased efficiency, improved data collection and cost reductions.


We have joined forces with BE-ST (Built Environment – Smarter Transformation), Scotland’s innovation centre for accelerating the built environment’s transition to zero carbon emissions. Through the partnership, we intend to engage with the construction and built environment’s networks and explore how the use of robotics can transform the sector to be more efficient, more resilient and more sustainable.

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