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April 2024

CBBC BBC – Ameca: World’s most advanced humanoid robot

BBC Radio 4 Today 17 April

BBC World News – Bye, robot: Atlas HE retires after 11 years of jumps, flips and falls

The Raconteur – Time to get real with robotics, stresses National Robotarium CEO

The Herald Business HQ – Robot production can put us head and shoulders above our rivals [PRINT]

Health Business UK – The future of healthcare

The Herald Agenda – Listen to Bill Gates: robotics is the future and we need to act

Skedda case study: The National Robotarium uses Skedda to book everything from hot desks to robots

March 2024

PBC Today – How Britain’s construction sector could benefit from using robotics

PODCAST: ReAutomated (Universal Robots) Episode 10 – Stewart Miller

The Engineer – How to make real breakthroughs in robotics motion

Sky News (19 March) – Interview with Stewart Miller

February 2024

The Times – Inside the robotarium building companions for our old age

BBC Live Lesson – Safer Internet Day

January 2024

BIMPlus.co.uk – How robots are taking BIM to the next level

STV News – Inventors go head to head at disability design awards

The Times – Robots designed in Edinburgh help out in Paris hospital

Premier Construction – Nails and bolts meet bits and bytes: how robots are leading the construction revolution

December 2023

IEEE Spectrum – Brace for Impact, Here Comes Personalized AI

TechRound – Expert Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2024

TechRound – We Asked the Experts: What RoboTech Trends will shape 2024?

November 2023

The Engineer – Robotics and AI are the future, but we have to make sure they’re sustainable

MailOnline – How experts think humanoid robots will change the world by 2035

Medical Device Network – A year of robotics: Q&A with Lisa Farrell of the UK’s National Robotarium

Tony Robinson’s Marvellous Machines

i40today.com – Autonomous training tool delivers in-demand surgical skills with real-time feedback

October 2023

Holyrood Magazine – The mechanics of the future

The Engineer – Inside the UK’s National Robotarium

September 2023

The Scotsman – Stewart Miller: Take the reins now and robotics and AI will serve Scotland well

Tech Xplore – An embodied conversational agent that merges large language models and domain-specific assistance

The Scotsman – Data Capital: unlocking the full potential of robotics at Heriot-Watt University

BBC Newsround – The National Robotarium: 10,000 young people learn more about robotics

August 2023

Farmers Weekly – OPINION Fernando Auat Cheein: Give farmers information to tackle water scarcity

BBC Business – How long until a robot is doing your chores?

July 2023

Mail Online – AI fishing net identifies and sorts fish to prevent discard deaths

Manufacturing Today – Stewart Miller: Taking ideas from laboratory to factory

Health Tech World – “The dull, the dirty and the dangerous”: The future of robotics in healthcare

The Press and Journal – How our businesses are developing the skills needed to harness AI

IFA Berlin – No, you shouldn’t be scared about robots

June 2023

Farming UK – Farm bot ‘Tom’ to help farmers create herbicide ‘treatment maps’

The Engineer – Clinicians set to get remote ‘feel’ for patients in trial of Välkky telerobot

May 2023

Sustainable Business Magazine – Crop-bots: How Robotics and AI can help revolutionise farming

National Centre for Universities and Business – Artificial Intelligence: the present and future of technology

April 2023

i4.0 today – Stewart Miller: Taking ideas from laboratory to factory

The Conversation – Professor Thusha Rajendran: We need to discuss what jobs robots should do, before the decision is made for us

The Press and Journal – How drones went from Christmas toys to business tools

Daily Record – Scots firm’s robot that can ‘swim’ through grain stores could stop crops going to waste

March 2023

Scottish AI Alliance – Let’s Talk AI Jobs

The Scottish Sun – Tech a Break: Why spending hours on housework could become a thing of the past within 10 years

January 2023

Robotics and Innovation Magazine – Stewart Miller: The robots are coming – let’s use 2023 to spark a debate

The Telegraph – Could M3GAN exist? The scientific truth about killer robots

The Carer – Robotics collaborations are giving social care a boost

The Washington Post – AI and robots could help detect urinary tract infections earlier

Engineering Matters (PODCAST) – #232 Future of Technology and Engineering

December 2022

The Scotsman – The National Robotarium: taking AI and robotics to schoolchildren to create a better world

November 2022

Cosmopolitan – AI voice assistants are often women: here’s why it’s a problem

BBC Click – Voice banking and robots

Assistive Technology Today – Clever adjustable bathroom and kitchen solutions chosen to feature in the National Robotarium

Arable Farming – Dr Fernando Auat Cheein: Designing robots for local requirements

October 2022

Robot Talks [PODCAST] – Episode 21, Sean Katagiri, Robotics Engineer

September 2022

BBC World Service Digital Planet – Tiny robot cure mice with deadly pneumonia

BBC News – Firefighters trial new smart helmet which could save lives

FutureScot – Scotland’s new ‘national robotarium’ opens with major industry partnership agreement

The National – National Robotarium: UK’s biggest and most advanced robotics centre opens in Edinburgh

Building Design Online – Robotics and AI: The future of designing for assisted living

August 2022

The Scottish Farmer – GUEST VIEW Dr Fernando Auat Cheein: How to best use robots on farms?

The Scotsman Data Capital (PODCAST) – What does Scottish society need from robots?

Tomorrow’s Cleaning – Meet the robots built to clean train carriages

BBC Radio 4’s Positive Thinking – Can an avatar cure loneliness?

July 2022

BBC Machine Minds – Why your voice assistant might be sexist

The Scotsman – Why teaching robots and humans to trust each other is essential

The Scotsman Business – What have The Robots ever done for us?

UKRI TAS Living with AI [PODCAST] – The Psychology of Trust

June 2022

BBC Click – Robot Repairs Out at Sea

New Scientist – Is DeepMind’s Gato AI really a human-level intelligence breakthrough?

Yahoo News – Underwater drone carries out first-ever offshore wind farm inspection

Evening Standard Tech & Science Daily (PODCAST) – May 2022

April 2022

Scotland on Sunday – THE BIG INTERVIEW: Stewart Miller, CEO of the National Robotarium

The Scotsman – Data Capital: What excites the experts most about the potential for data in Scotland in 2022 and beyond

March 2022

The Evolving Enterprise – Robotic and AI R&D is shaping industry and creating vital jobs for tomorrow

The Scotsman Business – Soft robotics meet the technological challenges of hard and dangerous engineering work

February 2022

Med-technews.com – National Robotarium awarded £1.25m for robotic cancer surgery technique

Building Better Healthcare – How healthcare facilities can benefit from academic collaboration 

Robotics and Innovation Magazine – Why we must embed public opinion in robotics research

January 2022

Robotics and Innovation – Danger zone: removing humans from hazardous environments

September 2021

The Times – Robot carer can check on patients with Alzheimer’s

July 2021

TES online – Why coding should be at the centre of the curriculum

June 2021

Sky News – Robot ‘dog’ is helping scientists understand hazardous environments


A few familiar faces. 🤖

@NRobotarium recently featured in @Scotland’s new campaign highlighting Scotland’s innovation and technological capabilities to the rest of the world. 🌎

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