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We offer business acceleration and incubation support to start-up tech companies, spin-outs and SMEs. As well as providing access to office space, labs, equipment and engineering expertise, we can act as a gateway to the Scottish and UK robotics network, research funding and Government support.

Meet our Industry Residents

TouchLab Ltd.

Touchlab Ltd are an Edinburgh-based start-up robotics company that are developing and manufacturing a biomimetic e-skin system that is thinner than human skin and can be used with hard or soft robotics to sense pressure, location and direction in real-time.

Their unique nanotechnology enables operators to experience ‘true presence’ through a machine whilst being able to withstand extreme environments and temperatures. It has been tested in a real-life hospital setting as part of a pilot in Laakso Hospital in Helsinki, Finland, where robots were used to carry out day-to-day clinical tasks, such as measuring vital signs, serving meals and moving assistive devices, all under the watch of experienced, purpose-trained staff.


Crover is on a mission to help grain storage operators reduce losses and maintain optimum storage conditions through the development of their unique t-shaped robotic drone. The compact device has in-built moisture and temperature sensors and uses two domed-shaped wheels to propel itself through grain and bulk stack silos, feeding back data on the environmental conditions. Founded by Lorenzo Conti, the company have received significant investment from Innovate UK, Scottish Enterprise and private funders to advance their technology, which could reduce the amount of commodity grain lost (currently 30% globally) due to lack of ventilation or pest infestation.


Scottish technology firm Bioliberty are creators of the Lifeglov – a soft robotic rehabilitative glove that provides resistance and monitors key metric to help patients develop and build their natural hand strength. Developed for use by patients and professionals, it comes with a Digital Therapy Platform that provides tailored exercises and real-time feedback on technique and progress. Bioliberty have received £2.2m of investment from Archangels, allowing the team to complete development of the trial product and platform, and begin commercial engagement in the US with rehabilitation clinics.

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